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Meet Mary Buckham
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About Mary
Mary Buckham has always believed in Make-Believe. As a child she roped, cajoled and bullied her brothers and sisters, and any unsuspecting neighbor child into elaborate story productions put on in her backyard or basement. Swashbuckling pirates, Damsels in distress and heroes and heroines, this was Mary’s role, who saved the day. As an adult Mary made sure her five children had a trunk of dress-up clothes and plenty of space to create their own make- believe worlds. She married her Prince Charming, one who doesn’t mind that she talks with imaginary people and who learned to cook as a self- preservation measure. She lives with Prince Charming and her two youngest children in a picturesque Pacific Northwest Seaport community filled with writers, artists and musicians. All constantly proving that the power of Make-Believe can make magic happen. Mary loves hearing from readers, writers and everyone in between.

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Photo: Mary Buckham
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  Invisible Recruit
Makeover Mission, The

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